Porto Declaration for eco-social justice


We, the Porto Transnational assembly – are people coming together following 20 local assemblies in all corners of Europe. We acknowledge the urgency of acting for Democratising, Decolonizing and Decarbonizing our societies to achieve ecological, economic and social justice. There can be no eco-social justice without climate justice and a transformation of our economic model. Everyone, wherever they come from, must be provided the means and agency to have rights, to exercise their rights and to extend their rights.

For this profound social change to take place we need to act both on ourselves and on the society we live in, starting from education to practical actions in our everyday lives for our society’s evolution. This implies that everybody needs access to radical empowerment which will support the decolonization of our mindsets, social and political structures, for the renewal of our relations at all levels, from the local to the global. Privileged groups are above all responsible for decolonising themselves.

The following principles must guide the transformation of our world:

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